“The driving force for everything I do has been my commitment to providing a timeless legacy for the benefit of others, consistent with my life’s mission to help people and their organizations. I would say this really is the heart and soul of my life’s work because it provides an opportunity for human beings to come together and accomplish things they may not by themselves.”

– Dr. Michael O’Connor

There has seldom been a better time for Dr. O’Connor’s vital, research-backed work – for both the success and satisfaction of individuals, groups, and organizations!

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About Dr. O’Connor

Dr. Michael O’Connor is a recognized and respected international ‘thought leader’ and practical visionary problem-solver across the broad range of PERFORMANCE aspects that his work provides. His lifelong passion and commitment has focused on continuing his family’s legacy of ‘helping others’ be more SUCCESSFUL and SATISFIED. Dr. O’Connor’s own career spans many industries as a lifelong learner.

In the late 1960’s, Dr. O’Connor founded what became Life Associates. In the decades since, he has devoted his career to helping individuals and businesses achieve Fuller Effectiveness through organizational leadership, management, and employee assessment, as well as development products & services. Today, his work continues at Potentia LLC through others that he has trained, coached, and mentored throughout his career.

Dr. Michael O’Connor is recognized for his accomplishments in the fields of leadership-management assessment and development, performance management, conflict resolution, behavioral management, strategic development, and building winning, sustainable business cultures. Michael is the creator of the original Global Profiles System® (GPS), a series of comprehensive assessment and development resources which identify both the motivations and capabilities that predict what people can do and will do well. These include both ‘Self’ and ‘360 Observers’ views of one’s personal Style, Values, Interests, Transferable Capabilities, and Adaptability. Throughout his prolific career, Dr. O’Connor has produced more than 200 assessment and development products and services used by organizations, work groups, and individuals for greater success and satisfaction worldwide!

Dr. O’Connor’s Philosophy

My Personal Vision

To significantly contribute to bettered lives, relationships, and a world characterized by success, satisfaction, and greater fulfillment for all.

My Mission

To do GOOD: For people, organizations, and myself by following my vision.

My Core Values

My mission is purposefully energized, guided, and applied in my daily life by the following three prioritized key values principles: 

1st – Justice 

2nd – Compassion

3rd – Respect